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Help control the mosquito population in your backyard naturally!

Mosquitoes are getting a lot of publicity these days; from everything to West Nile Virus to the scary new Zika virus, mosquitoes are at the heart of these public health issues. Mosquitoes can carry disease and viruses that are easily

Miller Manufacturing Kicks Off Its 80th Year In Business!

It all started back in 1941, when Barney Miller created a revolutionary way to provide water for his chickens. He created the Little Giant Poultry Fountain, which he christened “the first truly automatic Poultry Drinking Fountain.” Instead of just setting

How to Choose a De-Icer for Your Pond or Stock Tank

It’s that time of year again. Short days, long nights, freezing temperatures, wind chills, snow…winter is fast approaching. And even though temps are still above average in many parts of the country, it won’t be long before winter has its

Safe Travels with Your Pet This Summer

Summer has arrived, meaning traveling has started to increase, especially with your furry friend! Taking your pet traveling with you can be stressful at times, whether it’s in a car or on a plane, but there are safe and easy

Creating a Bee-Friendly Garden

Before you plan your garden this year, brush up on the plight of the honeybee via this great TED Talk by Dr. Marla Spivak of the University of Minnesota. As Dr. Spivak says at the end of the talk, even