De-Icers and Heaters

De-Icers and Heaters

The API line of de-icers and heaters features a wide range of products designed to keep bodies of water from small to large open and ice-free throughout the seasons.

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Bucket De-Icers

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Bucket Heater, 1000 Watt
Pail and Bird Bath De-Icer, 200 Watt
Utility Heater, 500 Watt
Bucket/Utility De-Icer, 250 Watt

Tank De-Icers

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Floating De-Icer with Guard, 1500 Watt
Drain Plug De-Icer, 1500 Watt
Stock Tank Tankside Heater
Sinking De-Icer, 1000 Watt