API™ De-Icer Wattage Guide

Wintertime Barn
As the leaves begin to drop, the warm autumnal colors begin to fade, and the sun sets earlier in the sky: winter is coming. In January 2014, Miller Manufacturing acquired Allied Precision Industries (API™), a leading manufacturer of heated and electric products for the farm and ranch market. For years, our customers asked Miller to provide products to make winter on their homestead easier, and with the addition of the API™ product line, we can now answer those calls to action.

521G 1500W De-Icer

521G 1500W De-Icer

From wild birds to livestock to hunting dogs, the API™ line covers a wide breadth of products for a whole range of animals on the farm. Today, we’ll fill you in on an easy-to-use guideline for what de-icer to buy for your outdoor water source. To keep your stock tank ice free in the winter months, below you will find a quick guide to how many watts your de-icer should be for the gallon-size of your water container. As you will see noted, often you ill want to err on oversizing your de-icer, as heating up the water quickly is more efficient to prevent heat loss and minimize energy usage.

Wattage Guideline

Remember, whenever we think we understand weather and how she will act – we are caught off-guard. These are general guidelines to use for sizing your de-icers but can be affected by regional extremes, abnormally cold temperatures, or strong winds.

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6 comments on “API™ De-Icer Wattage Guide
  1. Charles D Wingert says:

    >Do your deicer’s meet NSF qualifications?
    >I have an 8 ft tall 8 ft diameter, above ground, 2,500 gal plastic tank for potable water.
    >Can I get your deicers with a longer electrical cord?
    >Would you recommend a floating or non-floating deicer?
    >Are your deicers available with an NSF rating?
    >Is 1,500 W the highest wattage that you have available?
    >If your heaters aren’t designed to meet NSF or aren’t availabe with a cord long enough for an 8 ft high tank, would you please suggest another heater manufacturer?

    • millermfg says:

      Hi Charles, our de-icers do not meet NSF qualifications and we are unaware of any heaters by other manufacturers that are NSF rated.
      Our P7521, P7621, PDT15, P15N all have a 15 foot cord.
      We recommend a floating de-icer as more efficient since water freezes top-down.
      The 1,500 watt de-icer is the highest wattage we offer.

      We hope this helps!

  2. Jim Trettel says:

    I am interested in the 1500 watt to heat a 8′ x 16′ swimming pool. It would only be run when the pool is not in use. How does the thermostat work to allow this to heat water from 60 degrees to about 80 degrees. Currently use a solar cover but water still cools down at night.
    Can I make this work?

    • millermfg says:

      Hi Jim – someone from our Customer Service team will be reaching out to you to answer your questions. Thanks for using API!

    • Tara James says:

      Did u get an answer to this question? I’m trying to heat a 8ft stock tank swimming pool. Same as yours, the water cools down so much at night. I’m curious as to how much this heats.

  3. millermfg says:

    Thank you for your question! Someone from our Customer Service team will be reaching out to you to answer any questions you might have.

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