Hatching Poultry the Miller Way

We are proud to announce that our Quality and Engineering team successfully hatched 10 ducklings and 18 chicks this year!

With the use of our Little Giant® 10300 Circulated Air Incubator and some fertile eggs, the team followed the instructions and procedures laid out on Miller’s website and experienced a hatching success!

Check out what the team has to say about their experience:

For more information on our Little Giant® series of incubators, check out our Tips for Getting Started Guide.

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One comment on “Hatching Poultry the Miller Way
  1. Susan Rossmiller says:

    Well done! It is so amazing to hatch chicks, ducks or any other type of bird! I have the same incubator and have successfully hatched out chickens, ducks and even Geese!! I love my Little Giant Incubator!! Always nice to see someone else using and watching the miracle of life!! Keep up the great work!!

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