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Buy American Sweepstakes October and November Winners Announced

Buying American made products has never been more important! One of the ways Miller Manufacturing is choosing to encourage this movement is by launching the Buy American Sweepstakes.

Why Buy American?

Buying American Made products has never been more talked about. During times of uncertainty, it is becoming more important for Americans to invest in and buy American-made products. Investing in products that are made in America benefits future business within

Getting Started with Your Chicks

Backyard chickens are becoming more popular than ever! Not knowing where to begin? The DTBPKIT Beginner Poultry Kit has everything you need to start raising your chicks! From all the products your chicks will rely on to an informational Poultry

Stay in Charge with Your Springer Magrath® Rechargeable Products!

We’re excited to introduce a variety of new Springer Magrath® Rechargeable products! You can now easily convert your current Springer Magrath® Livestock Prod to a Rechargeable Prod. Forget about the worry with running out of batteries and stay in charge

How to Harvest Your Honey

With all your hard work that has gone into keeping your hive abuzz, it’s about that time to start preparing to reap those sweet rewards – the honey! Whether you are a first-time beekeeper or an experienced backyard bee hobbyist,