Little Giant® Pre-Cut Rubber Utility Mats provide versatility and durability

Looking for the right flooring solution for your kennel, barn, house, or trailer? Our pre-cut utility mats come in four different widths and lengths to help you minimize seams and keep your pieces to a minimum for a large variety of projects. With a textured top for superior traction and a grooved bottom for drainage, our non-porous mats will not shrink, curl, or crumble.

No matter the animal or vehicle that will be atop our utility floor mats, the non-porous surface will not harbor bacteria. Easy to clean, lift, and move, Little Giant® rubber mats provide the multi-use adaptability to serve a wide range of needs on your farm, vehicle, or property.

Great add-on for customers already offering a variety of Miller products and looking for an addition to their store offering! With several different display options, the Little Giant® line of flooring can be the right solution for your store merchandising plan.

mat2 mat1

Mat Specs

  • Weight: 7.32 kg/m2
  • Hardness: 65 Shore A Nominal
  • Density: 1350 kg/m3
  • Elongation: > = 180%
  • Shearing Strength: < .6 (N/mm3)
  • Temperature Stability: 30|70
  • Compression Recovery: After 22 hours, 75%
  • Tensile Strength: 400 PSI
  • Critical Radiant Flux: .11 watts/sq
  • Thermal Resistance: 150 ppi
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6 comments on “Little Giant® Pre-Cut Rubber Utility Mats provide versatility and durability
  1. Curtis Reule says:

    Looking for mats that are wide and long enough to fit under my car and truck to catch the salts and keep the garage floor from coming apart. 18 ft. X10 ft.
    Any chance you can provide this?

    • millermfg says:

      Hi Curtis – While none of our flooring would cover that full area, you could place several side by side to accommodate. You can find out more about the options here. Thanks!

  2. Justin says:

    Just bought some mats and they are slippery as all get out. Was planning on using them for a home gym, but my feet slide under my own body weight. Any suggestions?

    • millermfg says:

      Hi Justin – someone from our Customer Service team will be reaching out to you to answer your questions. Thank you for using Little Giant!

  3. Jake says:

    What is the thickness of the mats? Particularly the 49′ x 3.25″.

    • MillerCustomerService says:

      Hello Jake

      RMDOT349 is 0.15 inch thick

      Have a great night!

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