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Lambing Season Preparation

Spring’s warming temperatures, green grass, and brighter days are here. For farmers and ranchers, spring means even more excitement for them. It means new life on the farm! Lambing Season Preparation The first step to preparing is knowing the pregnancies,

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The Essentials For Spring Calving Season

The Essentials For Spring Calving Season

Spring calving season is here! As of March 19th, spring has officially sprung. That means warmer temperatures, longer days, and new calves! Calving season is a critical time for farmers that requires proper preparation. Here are some products to ensure

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New Video: Little Giant® DuraMate Automatic Waterers

If you thought you couldn’t install automatic waterers in your barn, think again! This dependable, float-controlled model simply hooks up to a standard 3/4 inch garden hose to automatically deliver fresh water 24-7 in above-freezing temperatures. Never worry about your

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Miller Manufacturing Celebrates Its 80th Year In Business!

It all started back in 1941, when Barney Miller created a revolutionary way to provide water for his chickens. He created the Little Giant® Poultry Fountain, which he christened “the first truly automatic Poultry Drinking Fountain.” Instead of just setting

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New Video: How to Set the Little Giant® Live Animal Traps

The Little Giant® line of Live Animal Traps catches unwanted animals without injury so they can be humanely disposed of or relocated. Offered in a variety of sizes and options of one or two door entry, Little Giant® has what

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