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National Pet Day 2024

dog and cat

We celebrate our pets every day, but did you know that there is a special day dedicated to just them? April 11th is National Pet Day! This day is a celebration of the special bond between people and their beloved

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Miller Manufacturing Celebrates Its 80th Year In Business!

It all started back in 1941, when Barney Miller created a revolutionary way to provide water for his chickens. He created the Little Giant® Poultry Fountain, which he christened “the first truly automatic Poultry Drinking Fountain.” Instead of just setting

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Raising Meat Rabbits, Part 2: Accessories: Feeding and Watering

In Part 1, we talked to you about the hutches required for homesteading consumers raising meat rabbits. However, the hutch is just the first of several pieces of equipment one will need for their new hobby. As with all animals

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Raising Meat Rabbits, Part 1: Cages and Hutches

With urban homesteading on an increasingly upward swing, alternative meat sources are a large part of the discussion. While backyard poultry is a common hobby for daily egg collection with some hobbyists raising the birds for meat, as well, a lesser-discussed but

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