New and Improved Hot-Shot® Prods

In 1939, the Hot-Shot® prod revolutionized the livestock handling industry as the first commercially available electric livestock prod. Hot-Shot® continues to be the world leader offering the largest selection of livestock prods and shafts.

In 2022, we updated two of our most popular Hot-Shot product lines – The Green One® and The Red One® – by modernizing their external designs and adding new performance enhancing features including a stabilizing finger guard and increased water resistance due to a 1-piece molded design. The internal motor and functionality are the same high quality as you have come to expect from Hot-Shot® prods, but with a new look. We are honoring the legacy of the Hot-Shot® brand with the innovation needed to continually improve our product.

The Red One® Info Sheet (PDF)

See The Red One® battery and rechargeable prods

The Green One® Info Sheet (PDF)

See The Green One® battery and rechargeable prods

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