Push-Paddle Automatic Stock Waterer

Item #: 77

This is the waterer you want for tough environments. Made of heavy-duty cast iron with a tough, nontoxic black epoxy finish for corrosion resistance. Works great for horses, cattle, and hogs. Livestock press the heavy-gauge stainless-steel push paddle with their noses to release fresh water. (Most animals readily learn to operate this type of waterer.) When the animal releases the push paddle, the non-siphoning water valve drains water and shuts off the supply so there is nothing left in the bowl to freeze in winter or breed disease-carrying organisms in summer. Safely operates between 20 and 50 pounds per square inch pressure. Mounting plates are included but other mounting and water connection hardware are not included. Measures 10 inch long by 8.5 inch wide by 5inch high.

  • Automatically dispenses fresh water to livestock
  • Heavy-duty cast iron with a tough, nontoxic black epoxy finish for corrosion resistance
  • Heavy-gauge stainless-steel push paddle
  • Non-siphoning valve keeps water supply from freezing
  • Helps reduce breeding of disease-carrying organisms

Push-Paddle Automatic Stock Waterer

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