Chick Brooder


A safe observatory for brooding baby chicks up to four or five weeks old. Sturdy metal arm holds a brooder lamp (sold separately) over one side of the brooder. Chicks can move between the section of the brooder with solid metal walls and the section with wire grid walls to warm up or cool down as needed. Wire mesh floor has openings 5/16 in. apart which are just right for small chick feet, and the dropping pan should be placed inside the brooder covering the mesh for the chicks' first couple of weeks. Once the chicks are larger, the dropping pan slides in and out under the wire mesh floor for easy removal and cleaning. Easily assembled using a flathead screwdriver and the included hardware. Set up dimensions are 39.4 in. long x 18.7 in. wide x 23.6 in. high.

  • Made of sturdy galvanized steel
  • Wire mesh floor openings measure 5/16 inches
  • Removable dropping pan
  • Ships unassembled, but is easily put together using a flathead screwdriver and included hardware
  • Brooder lamp and bulb sold separately

Chick Brooder

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