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Beekeeping The Little Giant line of beekeeping supplies is the newest category to the Miller line of farm, ranch, and pet products. Whether you are a newBEE or a veteran BEEK, this line of products includes everything you need to start or expand a backyard apiary.

Centered around the Langstroth hive design, our line of beekeeping equipment is developed with the backyard beekeeper in mind. By partnering with our sister company, Kelley Beekeeping Company, Miller offers everything a beekeeper needs from hiving a new colony of honeybees to extracting the honey at season’s end. Check out the full line today!

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Deluxe Incubator with Egg Turner

Deluxe Incubator with Egg Turner Sets the standard for incubating and hatching eggs, with updated digital technology. Built-in fan constantly circulates the air to maintain a proper temperature throughout the incubator, eliminating harmful hot and cold spots. Durable styrofoam retains warmth, generated by a gentle heating element controlled by a highly dependable, digital control board. The LCD display with LED light shows accurate temperature and humidity readings instantly. The self-regulating control board adjusts the temperature to suit varying environments. The built-in digital hydrometer and moisture channels help maintain humidity, a key factor in egg health. Plastic mesh screen safely supports eggs during hatch period and is also dishwasher safe. Two 4 inch by 8 inch viewing windows allow for monitoring the hatching process and are great for educational purposes. Holds 41 large chicken eggs when used with the Little Giant Automatic Egg Turner, which is included with this incubator. This product is intended for general poultry hobbyists and is not recommended for professional or commercial use or for incubating exotic birds or reptiles.
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Chick Brooder Kit

Chick Brooder Kit Kit comes with a washable and reusable plastic corrugated wall and stand which includes a hook for a Brooder Reflector Lamp to be hung. The circular design prevents corner crowding which can result in baby chick injury and/or suffocation. The lamp stand can be secured to the wall for added safety with the included cable ties. This stand is also adjustable allowing the height of the lamp to be modified as chicks grow. Enclosure measures approximately 3 feet in diameter and 16(40.6 cm)tall when assembled and it suitable for up to 15 chicks, depending on breed.
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Squirrel Trap

Squirrel Trap The latest in our line of live trap solutions for pests and rodents. The multi-catch, double-door entry squirrel trap catches animals without injury. This squirrel trap can also be used for rats and other similar-sized rodents to meet your pest control needs. Requiring no assembly, the trap is easy to use: bait, set, and catch.
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20 Quart Flat Back

20 Quart Flat Back Looking to add a new color to your line of proven and durable Little Giant buckets? Miller now offers orange buckets in both the P20FB and P8 style. Boasting all of the great features and benefits you have come to expect from Little Giant buckets you have come to expect in an all new color: impact-resistant, stacking ribs, heavy-duty wire bail.
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