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FFA Licensed Products by Little Giant
Commitment to U.S. Manufacturing and Efforts to be Eco-Friendly

We understand the importance of American made products to farmers, ranchers and hobbyists. We have and continue to be committed to U. S. manufacturing of Miller products for the use in farm and ranch settings. In fact 98% of our farm and ranch products are designed, manufactured and distributed in the U.S. All of our employees work in the U.S. Our parent company is also committed to U.S. manufacturing and employs an additional 1,000 U.S. employees.

This commitment allows us to respond more quickly to our customers' demands while streamlining our supply chain and distribution process. It benefits our company, employees, customers, U.S. parts manufacturers as well as the communities in which our products are manufactured.

The benefits of this commitment do not end after the American-made products leave our distribution center. Our distributors and retail customers will reap benefits as well. Since both our Manufacturing and Research and Development departments are in the U.S., they are close enough to enhance our ability to be innovative and improve the quality and consistency of our products. Because the manufacturing happens right here, we can be sure our products are of the highest quality and impose strict safety standards during the manufacturing process. All of this means that we can provide our distribution and retail customers with innovative, quality products.

When distributors and retailer in turn sell our high quality, innovative products to end consumer, they can be confident that the products will be well-received. And the end consumer can feel good about buying American- made products. When they buy goods made in the USA, the end consumer can be confident that American consumer protection laws and safety standards are in place to protect their families. And best of all, buying American helps support the U.S. economy.

Although this commitment can and does create cost challenges in today's economy we remain committed to delivering reliable, quality products you expect from the U.S. We are also committed to supporting the U.S. economy. While other companies have outsourced their manufacturing to other countries we have maintained our commitment to U.S. Manufacturing.

Here's what others are saying about our commitment

"After seeing your products at my local farm store, seeing they were very well made and manufactured in the was a quick decision. Keep up the good work...and keep our people working too." - End Consumer in WI

"I'm proud to be part of an organization that is committed to keep manufacturing in the U.S." - Miller Manufacturing Employee

Efforts to be Eco-Friendly

We have made it a priority to consider the environment and natural resources in the manufacturing of our products and operation of our facilities

-Use of recycled materials in many of our products
-Utilization of recycled plastic resin
-100% use of reclaimed rubber
-Utilization of recovered energy sources from our local landfill to power our manufacturing facility
-Investment in new energy efficient lighting technologies allowing us to reduce our energy consumption
-Water soluble machining oil used versus a hazardous waste oil
-Recycling of all manufacturing scrap materials

Here's what others are saying about our efforts

I certainly commend your company for using reclaimed rubber in the manufacturing of your rubber products. I appreciate what you're doing for the environment" – End Consumer in IA

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