Over 80 Years Strong

80 Years of Manufacturing in Minnesota 2021 marked the 80th anniversary of Miller Manufacturing. The past 80 years have been about carefully constructed growth and strategic planning for the future, with a focus on offering a complete and innovative line of farm, ranch and pet products.

Miller Manufacturing got its start back in 1941, when Saint Paul, Minnesota-native Barney Miller created a revolutionary way to provide water for his chickens. He created the Little Giant Poultry Fountain, which he christened "the first truly automatic Poultry Drinking Fountain." Instead of just setting out a pan of water for chickens, this Fountain allowed farmers and ranchers to connect the Poultry Fountain to a water source, allowing it to fill as needed, offering a constant supply of fresh water.

Today, we're still proud to offer the original Little Giant® Poultry Fountain, along with an expansive catalog containing over 1,000 items for pet owners, farmers and ranchers, both the commercial and hobbyist. Our six consumer brands are sold across the United States and in over 30 countries worldwide.

From humble beginnings as a small, family-run business, these past 80 years have seen a trend of healthy growth. Today, Miller Manufacturing is a thriving company employing over 350 local residents in both Glencoe and Eagan, Minnesota. And just like in 1941, we're still focused on producing quality products right here in the USA. We're proud to manufacture and distribute a wide range of our products from our Glencoe, Minnesota manufacturing and distribution center.

At Miller Manufacturing, we're proud of our history and excited for our future. We are working toward continued growth and making the next 80 years as successful as the first!