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Preparing for Calving Season

calf standing in pen looking to the right

Calving season is a critical time for farmers who raise cattle. New calves are born meaning a continuation of their herd and it’s up to the farmer to ensure they are healthy and well taken care of. Proper preparation before

Raising Chickens for Eggs

chicken in a coop with a food dish in front of it

Raising chickens for egg production entails hard work, but is a rewarding hobby that also provides you with a source of fresh eggs. The month of May is National Egg Month recognizing those hard workers that are raising backyard chickens.

5 Challenges of Becoming a Beekeeper

beekeeper holding frame with bees

Beekeeping is a hobby with sweet rewards! Tending to bees brings its own rewards and achievements, but also a set of common challenges to be faced. Before ordering your bees and supplies, make sure you are prepared for these challenges

National Farm Animals Day (April 10)

National Farm Animals Day is celebrated annually on April 10th. The day focuses attention on the humane care of farm animals. We commemorate this day because we value taking pride in hard work, caring for the health and safety of

National Farm Workers Day (March 31st)

farmer in field picking crops

National Farm Workers Day is celebrated annually on March 31st. The day pays tribute to the hard workers who dedicate their lives to bringing food to our tables while facing many risks and challenges. From working in fields to caring