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Chick Starter KitFrom the coop to the chicken tractor to the pastured fields, the Little Giant line of poultry products offers the best and broadest selection for your backyard flock. All products are developed with the hobbyist chicken keeper in mind.

Ideal for in-season promotion of Chick Days events, Little Giant offers two preset displays to get the new poultry hobbyist ready to go with all of the necessary basics. Featuring a wide range of colors and a free-standing display, the Chick Starter Kit and Poultry Kit are the best solution alongside the irresistible chirping of baby chicks.

Poultry KitOnce customers bring their chicks home, Little Giant products continue to supply all of the necessities from a chick brooder kit to keep the little ones safe to nesting boxes for the laying ladies. Ready for the next round? Check out our new line of digital incubators to grow the flock!

Download more information about the Digital Incubator here.