New Farm & Livestock Products

Plastic Dome Waterers

8 Gal. Plastic Dome Waterer

These new large capacity waterers are made of strong, heavy-duty plastic and best suited for adult birds. The top fill design is easy to use. A valve in the base controls the water flow. It accommodates up to 40 adult chickens, and is also good for ducks or other poultry. Shown here is the medium size (8 gallon) waterer. It also comes in a smaller size (5 gallons) and a larger size (10 gallons).

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Plastic Dome Feeders

45 Lb. Plastic Dome Feeder

A companion to our new Plastic Dome Waterer, this large-capacity feeder is also made of strong, heavy-duty plastic. The screw-top lid is easy to remove for filling and, once closed, helps protect the feed from the elements. The feed saver ring minimizes spillage to prevent wasted food and is easily removed for cleaning. Best suited for adult chickens, ducks or other poultry. Shown here in 45 lb. size, it is also available in smaller (30 lb.) and larger (60 lb.) sizes.

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Maple Sugaring Supplies

5/16" Metal Spiles - 6 Pack Bag

Our new line of Maple Sugaring supplies is designed just for the hobbyist. Our line features all of the essentials to tap maple trees, harvest the sap, and turn it into rich, delicious maple syrup. From spiles and bags to tools for cooking down the sap, to bottles with custom-designed graphics for packaging and storing the syrup, these items will help you Tap into a Sweet Tradition™.

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Beginner Poultry Kit

Beginner Poultry Kit

This handy kit contains everything you need to get your chicks started: a 10.5" reflector lamp and 250W red bulb to provide safe heat for your chicks, plus an 8" ground feeder, a 1.5-lb. plastic feeder and a 1.5-qt. plastic chick waterer. You'll also get our Guide to Backyard Poultry, which includes helpful tips, information and fun facts for your new flock.

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Plastic Auto Stock Waterer

Plastic Automatic Stock Waterer

This dependable, all-purpose automatic waterer is easy to connect to pipe, flex hose, or garden hose water supply. Works well for horses, cattle, hogs, goats, and other outdoor animals. Constructed from durable UV-resistant plastic and will not rust or corrode. The adjustable float control allows it to maintain a constant water level. Can be easily installed at any height using lag bolts or through bolts.

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