Little Giant® Leaders

Over 80 years after the establishment of the Little Giant® brand, Miller Manufacturing continues to find new ways to innovate age-old practices in the farm and ranch community. While the legacy of our brand is pivotal in insuring that the products we produce are farm-tough and ready to take on the most difficult of tasks on your homestead, we will continually push the boundary to provide you with the most innovative products to make your job easier.

In 2014, Little Giant® brought beekeeping supplies to the retail farm and ranch market. Designed with both the new and established beekeeper in mind, the Little Giant® beekeeping supplies line offers all of the supplies you need to get started with your new backyard hobby. Already reaping the sweet rewards of honey from your established hives? Our Langstroth-design woodenware is compatible with the other equipment already on the market.

Top Products

Recently purchased a Little Giant® Hive? New to Beekeeping? Check out this video from Kelley Beekeeping on how to install your 3-Pound Package of honey bees into your new hive!