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Buy American!!!!!

In 2021, Miller Manufacturing will proudly celebrate 80 years of US based manufacturing. In 1941, the Little Giant® brand of Poultry products were launched and today we continue to help backyard hobbyists, homesteaders, and hobby farmers take pride in their hard work. Never has the need for these products been stronger, and Miller Manufacturing is so grateful to be adding more US-based jobs to support our farm community of Glencoe, Minnesota and the surrounding McLeod County area. We are hoping to end this year with nearly 450 US jobs, up significantly from last year. What else have we done to support this expansion?

  • Added a 37,000 square foot addition to our finished goods warehouse and increased our DC staff over 70%. We also added needed equipment, such as forklifts and pallet wrappers, to support these warehouse operations.
  • Increased our starting wages 12.5% and have been supporting significant overtime.
  • Added capacity to our manufacturing lines through new investments, including automation.
  • Expanded our manufacturing within Minnesota with a new plant in Anoka, MN. This expansion now gives Miller’s parent company, Frandsen Corporation, manufacturing and warehousing facilities in Glencoe, Anoka, Rush City, and Maple Grove with over 800 employees based in Minnesota.

This expansion has also allowed Miller to respond to the request of our customers to start the process of reshoring products currently being made in China and other global locations. Although we would like to make all of our products at our Minnesota plants, and are actively working to do so, the reality is the competitive nature of our business forces us at times to source internationally. Most of our competitors, however, import most of their products. Our strategic plan calls for this Buy American program to build momentum for others in our industry to continue to support and push US made products and suppliers.

With people spending more time at home, Miller’s products for farmers, ranchers, and backyard hobbyists are helping people provide for themselves and their families. Miller products enable people to raise chickens, feed and water farm animals, take care of their pets, and participate in beekeeping. Please help us support this effort and BUY AMERICAN!!!!!


Dan Ferrise
CEO, Miller Manufacturing