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New Video: Little Giant® Brooder Reflector Lamp & 250 Watt Bulbs

Little Giant Brooder Reflector Lamp and 250 Watt Heat Lamp Bulbs

Chick season is in full bloom! The Little Giant® Brooder Reflector Lamp provides poultry with a warm, dry environment. Pair your lamp with a Little Giant® Red or Clear Heat Lamp bulb to maintain the warmth for your flock! Check

How to Install Legs on API® Heated Bird Bath with Stand

blue birds flying and bathing in API heated bird bath

Keep your local birds happy all year round with the API® Heated Bird Bath with Stand. The fully enclosed heating element safely keeps water free from ice all winter long. And you can keep this bird bath up year round

Choosing Chicken Breeds Best for You

Many backyard chickens being fed

Choosing chicken breeds can be one of the most exciting parts of raising backyard chickens. Whether you are just getting started with building your backyard flock or adding some chickens to your existing layers, it’s important to understand what breeds

Showing Your Love to Backyard Birds

Goldfinch birds perched on feeder outside

February marks National Bird Feeding Month making it the perfect time to show backyard birds some extra love. What better time than Valentine’s Day to send love to your feathered friends or someone you know who loves birdwatching? Here are

Egg Prices Cause More to Raise Chickens

Egg prices have been on the rise causing shell-shock for consumers in grocery stores. As a result, people are opting into incubating or raising their own chickens in hopes to offset those high prices. Here’s why egg prices have been