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API® De-Icers: What’s the Difference?

Winter is officially here! As usual, it brings its freezing temperatures, wind chills, and snow. With its arrival, be sure you are prepared to keep your buckets, stock tanks, ponds, and bird baths ice-free in these gruesome months ahead. When

Stay in Control of Your Water With Little Giant® Trough-O-Matic® Float Valves!

Are you tired of worrying if your animals have easy access to fresh flowing water? The Little Giant® Trough-O-Matic® Float Valves automatically control the water level for most plastic and metal stock tanks, troughs, barrels, and pans. Now you can

The 2021 Product Catalog is Here!

With the year coming to an end, it’s time to say “goodbye” to the 2020 product catalog and “hello” to the new and updated 2021 version! What’s new in the 2021 edition? An updated theme featuring our new Buy American

Check Out Our Buy American Video!

Miller Manufacturing is committed to keeping manufacturing right here in the United States and are proud to do so! Check out our new Buy American video: See what Miller Manufacturing’s CEO Dan Ferrise has to say about Buying American. Buy

Buy American Sweepstakes October and November Winners Announced

Buying American made products has never been more important! One of the ways Miller Manufacturing is choosing to encourage this movement is by launching the Buy American Sweepstakes.