Lambing Season Preparation


Spring’s warming temperatures, green grass, and brighter days are here. For farmers and ranchers, spring means even more excitement for them. It means new life on the farm!

Lambing Season Preparation

The first step to preparing is knowing the pregnancies, due dates, and number of fetuses. This information is essential for having a successful lambing season. The farm has about a 6-week long lambing season when the majority of the lambs are born. Ewes typically have twins, but it’s possible for singles, triplets, and even quadruplets.

Essential Supplies

It’s very important for sheep owners to have the proper equipment readily available. Some lambing supplies to have on hand are, colostrum feeding tubes, nipples and bottles, towels, powered colostrum, gloves, and powdered milk replacer.

Soda Bottle Lamb Nipples are a great option for new lambs. These nipples are designed to fit snugly on a standard 20-ounce plastic soda bottle. The nipple is soft and pliable, with a natural shape for the tender mouths of lambs, kids, piglets, foals, and other small livestock. They are made with a special rubber formula to prolong nipple life and improve pliability.

Administering Colostrum

All lambs need colostrum within 24 hours of birth and ideally within six hours of birth. It will warm up the lamb, give it energy and supply antibodies. Sometimes, the farmer needs to help with the birthing process and may have to give colostrum to the lamb. Colostrum can be administered by a tube or bottle.

The 2 Quart Snap-On Nursing Bottle is a sturdy and sanitary option. It’s made out of FDA complaint, food-grade polyethylene plastic that is durable yet translucent enough so you can see the content level. Pair this with a Snap-On Lamb Nipple that is designed for lambs with its natural shape.

Post Lambing

Lambs will be able to nibble on solid food soon after birth but will be fully eating grass by 4-6 weeks old. Some products to consider for weaned lambs and adult sheep are Fence Feeders, Hook Over Feeders, Goat & Sheep Feeders, Plastic Salt Block Holders, and Automatic Waterers.

sheep with lambs

These are just a few tips that sheep owners should take into consideration during lambing season. Taking the proper precautions, doing research, and consulting with your veterinarian is important to making this a successful season of new life.

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