The Essentials For Spring Calving Season

spring calving

Spring calving season is here! As of March 19th, spring has officially sprung. That means warmer temperatures, longer days, and new calves!

Calving season is a critical time for farmers that requires proper preparation. Here are some products to ensure a successful calving season this year.

Essential Calving Supplies

Check your calving supplies ahead of time to make sure that you are prepared and have all the necessary tools. Some items to consider keeping on hand are obstetrical straps, cattle nursing pails, nursing bottles, and calf bottle holders.

Springer Magrath Obstetrical Straps are easier on both the cow and calf than chains. The 1-inch width spreads pulling tension over a wider area of the calf’s legs to help prevent bone fractures and soft-tissue injury. Made of soft yet sturdy, washable nylon webbing with stainless-steel D rings. You can use OB Straps with or without a mechanical tension device. They are available in three lengths and come in a bright teal color that is easy to find.

The Little Giant 8 Quart Plastic Calf Nursing Pail features a built-in rubber nipple and hanging bracket on the opposite side for hanging on a fence or rail, plus a sturdy handle. It consists of impact-resistant DuraFlex plastic, which gives it strength and durability. The special rubber formula creates the nipple to extend nipple life and enhance pliability. The nipple assembly features a valve and gasket to control flow through the nipple.

The 2 Quart Nursing Bottle with Screw-On Nipple is sturdy and sanitary. It consists of FDA compliant, food-grade polyethylene plastic that is durable yet translucent enough for you to see the content level. The nipple is made with a special rubber formula to prolong nipple life and improve pliability. A threaded top is an important feature for a secure fit.

With a handy 2 Quart Calf Bottle Holder, you can bottle feed a youngster and walk away to do other chores. The wire holder easily snaps (without tools) on any 2″ wide board to securely hold a 2-quart nursing bottle for calves and other livestock. The sturdy metal holder has rounded corners for safety and is coated for added protection and rust prevention. The package does not include bottles, but it is compatible with the Little Giant 2-Quart Screw-On Nursing Bottle or 2-Quart Snap-On Nursing Bottle (Item No. 9812 and 9312, each sold separately).

Post Calving

While there is great importance on the calves, shifting focus to post-calving nutrition is critical. Cows are at their greatest nutrient demands post-calving to support lactation and repair of the reproductive tract.

The Springer Magrath Cattle Pump Systems are a must for post-calving drenches and tonics, and for administering electrolytes, nutrient mixes, mineral oil or medications. This product includes everything needed to administer accurate dosages of both light and heavy-viscosity fluids to adult animals weighing over 900 pounds. Both the 300CPS and 500CPS are professional quality systems designed for one person to operate, with a pump that requires only seven strokes per gallon. They are constructed to last and designed for easy replacement of the plunger and valve.

calving essentials

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