Double-Tuf Plastic

Double-Tuf Plastic

The Double-Tuf® plastic buckets, tubs and feeders are made from tough, impact-resistant, high-density polyethylene with smooth, finished edges. Rims are strengthened with extra plastic or steel inserts where necessary to resist handle wear out.

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Double-Tuf Nursing Items

8 Quart Calf Pail Green with Nipple
Nipple Replacement For DT00212

Double-Tuf Plastic Feeders

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12 Quart Hook-n-Feed Feeder, 2 Pack
14 Quart Hook-n-Feed Feeder
24 Quart Corner Feeder
9 Quart Hook Over Goat Trough

Double-Tuf Plastic Tubs

7.5 Gallon 3-Snap Feed Tub

Double-Tuf Waterers

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5 Quart Plastic Poultry Waterer
2.5 Gal  Poultry Waterer with Legs
2 Gal Poultry Waterer with Legs
1 Gal  Poultry Waterer with Legs