Nursing & Hog Feeders

Nursing & Hog Feeders

Little Giant's® nursing products set the industry standard for caring for the young animals on the farm. From baby pig waterers to durable, FDA-approved nursing bottles, our products serve a wide range of animals and functions.

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Calf Pails

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8 Quart Plastic Calf Nursing Pail
8 Quart Plastic Feed Pail
8 Quart Hook Over Feed Pail
8 Quart Hook Over Feed Pail

Nursing Bottles & Nipples

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2 Quart Calf Bottle Holder
3 Quart Nursing Bottle Holder
Soda Bottle Lamb Nipple, 12 Pack
3 Quart Screw-On Nursing Bottle

Pig Feeders & Waterers

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2-Hole Baby Pig Feeder
3-Hole Baby Pig Feeder
1 Gallon Baby Pig Waterer
Tap Adaptor for Farm Animals

Salt Block/Mineral Holders

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4 Pound Wire Salt Block Holder
1 Quart Mineral Feeder
10 Quart Plastic Salt and Mineral Block Pan
4 Pound Plastic Salt Block Holder