The Safe and Easy Hen Hydrator

chickenThe Little Giant® Hen Hydrator is a gravity-fed waterer that easily and safely keeps your adult flock of birds healthy and hydrated. While the translucent bucket provides easy viewing of the water level, the tint also provides UV protection to prevent algae growth and keep your birds at their best.

This new product further broadens our robust line of poultry products for the farm hobbyist. While our Miller legacy has remained a stronghold in the poultry market since 1941, we take pride in continuing to innovate and develop new farm products to best serve our customers and all of those raising chickens.

This short, 1-minute video provides you tips on the best way to hang and use this poultry waterer. Check it out to best utilize your newest poultry waterer!

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13 comments on “The Safe and Easy Hen Hydrator
  1. Carol says:

    Looking for a heated hen hydrator for the winter

    • millermfg says:

      Hi Carol, we don’t have a heated hen hydrator, but we have a number of galvanized poultry waterers that can be used with our heater base #HB125. For information on where to buy our products, visit Thanks for using Little Giant!

    • Adriana says:

      buy an aquarium heater from Walmart and run the plug through the top hole. Works amazing. My heater gave out after one year, but they are $15 so I just bought another this year. Best solution for heated, clean water for chickens.

  2. Katherine Stough says:

    How many gallons does it hold?

    • millermfg says:

      Thanks for your question! The Hen Hydrator holds 3.5 gallons.

  3. Peter says:

    Can I put a 150 watt de-icer in the bucket? It says it is safe for plastic.

    • millermfg says:

      Hi Peter- thanks for your question! 2 of our de-icers (Item # 250D or 300) can be used with the Hen Hydrator, but the since the watering nipples are mounted on the outside of the bucket, they may still freeze, as they are still exposed to the air and are not fully in the warm water.

  4. Kat says:

    I have had a problem with the hen hydrator becoming air-locked. If I take the plug out, it creates a pool of water on my coop floor. If I push it all the way in, then it becomes air locked and no water comes out of the nipples. Have you heard of this before? The nipples are not blocked, as when I release the air lock, they work fine, but then the chickens take a shower. I love this gadget! It does save me ton of work! Any advice?

    • millermfg says:

      Hi Kat- thanks for your question. If you move the nipple plungers to release the water, this should help. When the chickens go to drink, they move the plunger and that will break the slight vacuum and allow the water to flow out. Thank you for using Little Giant!

      • Kat says:

        That is my problem. I move the nipple plungers…so do my chickens,and no water comes out, until i remove the red plug, and replace. Then water comes out again when I hit the nipple plungers. I am having to do this (remove/replace the plug) a couple of times a day, otherwise, nothing comes out of the nipples when you hit them.

  5. James Stevens II says:

    I recently installed the Hen Hydrator and I am having the same issue with it air locking. Any updates?

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