Introducing the Little Giant® Line of Digital Incubators

Digital IncubatorsUPDATE: Tips for Getting Started with Your Incubator

The next generation of incubator technology is here! We are proud and excited to offer you the performance and electronics of high-end, expensive incubators at hobbyist price points.

The Little Giant® 9300, 10300, and 11300 series of digital incubators includes a digital control board with one-touch temperature setting. This is vastly improved over previous designs that can be tricky to dial into the desired temperature. With predictive temperature technology, the unit then holds your set temperature within ONE degree!

We have also focused on state-of-the-art safety features for both the hobbyist and the chicks. The redesigned plastic heater is much cooler to the touch than traditional metal heating elements (that can reach 265 degrees!). This makes all three units ideal for a classroom setting to teach future hobbyists the science of poultry incubation. We want your hatch to be safe and successful for all hobbyists.

eggsThe fan’s electronics have also been redesigned for user safety, now allowing for a simple plug-and-play design to upgrade your 9300 to a circulated air unit. All three models include a dishwasher-safe plastic mesh screen for easy clean-up and improved sanitation of the unit for subsequent hatches. There are no sharp edges, removing the risk of poking the hatching hobbyist or scratching the newly hatched chicks.
Overall, when you compare the new Little Giant® 9300 Still Air Incubator, 10300 Circulated Air, and 11300 Deluxe Incubator (with egg turner) to our competitors, you will find that this USA-made unit boasts the digital performance, safety features, and accuracy far surpassing that of others in our market.

What are you waiting for? Let’s hatch some chicks!

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88 comments on “Introducing the Little Giant® Line of Digital Incubators
  1. Cathie hicks says:

    Can models 11300,10300,or9300 incubators be used to hatch goose eggs.

    • millermfg says:

      Hi Cathie – There should be ample clearance for most goose eggs in the 9300 and 10300 incubators. However, we do not recommend using the egg turner (as seen in the 11300 model) for any eggs larger than chicken eggs.

  2. mrs. s says:

    How do I place water in the incubator? How much?

    • millermfg says:

      The best way to add water is using a turkey baster, and just squirting water in the channels underneath the plastic screen. You should be able to just lift the top slightly and move it aside, leaving just enough of an opening for the turkey baster to fit. The six channels are marked on the outside of the incubator to help you be sure you are adding water in the right place. The humidity level is key during a hatch, so you should check the water level often and refill the channels as needed. If you are using one of our new digital incubators, the electronic display can tell you what the humidity level is – just refer to the instructions you received when you bought it. Good luck!

  3. Bobbie Jo Dawson says:

    Love my LGs. . I have several, upgraded last spring to the digital models. I hatch everything from mixed breed layers to rare breed shipped eggs and have always had good hatch rates. Just one recommendation for a future change.. the piece of plastic that the thermometer is attached to, that should be attached to either an egg shaped piece to allow for better placement or remove the plastic piece all together. That staple rusts, chicks get scratched if it’s accidentally flipped with stapled side up, and it’s generally hard to place at egg level (I flip mine sideways and shove it between 2 rows in my turner). Anyways, Thank You! for making an affordable, easy to use incubator that is consistent and performs amazing!

    • millermfg says:

      Hi Bobbie Jo – that’s a fantastic suggestion! We’ll pass that along to our Quality team to look into. Thanks for using Little Giant!

  4. Teresa says:

    Humidity numbers not working on the still air model and i just bought earlier today at tsc. Whats wrong cant find answer if it defective or not.

    • millermfg says:

      Hi Teresa, we’re sorry you’re having trouble with your incubator. I’ve passed along your email address and your comment to our Customer Service team. Someone should be reaching out to you shortly. Thank you for using Little Giant!

  5. Cheryl Bynum says:

    I love my little giant, I am looking for a egg turner for duck and goose eggs. Do you make them?

    • millermfg says:

      Thanks for your question, Cheryl! At this time, we only sell egg turners for chicken and similarly-sized eggs, and our Quail Rails which fit into our egg turner. You make a great suggestion and I will pass it along to our new products team. Thank you for using Little Giant!

      • Kenneth Alvey says:

        Thanks for your help great Customer service

  6. Michelle says:

    Looking for a link to the instructions that came with my incubator and are lost. #10300
    Thank you!

    • millermfg says:

      Hi Michelle! Here is a link to the instructions for our 10300 incbator: You can always find product instructions on our website at and search the item name or number in the “Search Products” box at the top of the page. Thanks for using Little Giant!

  7. Angela M Thompson says:

    I have a still air that has been converted to a forced air that is less than a year old, Yesterday i noticed that the digital readout was flashing ldd.d degrees and dd.d humidity. Quail eggs of course were cold and had to be disposed of. I unplugged the bator,let it sit while I cleaned the bottom tray after dumping the eggs, after plugging it back in, I get the same display error. What is it, what caused it and how can i correct it?

    • millermfg says:

      Hi Angela, we’re sorry to hear you’ve had trouble with our incubator. I’ve sent this issue to our Customer Service team and someone should be contacting you directly. Thanks for using Little Giant!

      • Lue says:

        I have the same issue. Flashing temperatures and can not change it.

        • millermfg says:

          Hi there- we’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your incubator. We’d be happy to help look into this issue. Please email us at Thanks!

          • Kurt Long says:

            My 10300 readings are off compared to other gages I have put into the incubator. Can I get a replacement “wafer” that is plugged into the digital reader?

          • millermfg says:

            Hi Kurt- if you contact us at, we’ll be able to help you get a replacement part. Thanks!

          • R. Cox says:

            I have the same issue. Flashing temperatures and can not change it.

          • millermfg says:

            Hi there- could you please contact us at so we can look into this and help you troubleshoot? Thank you for using Little Giant!

  8. Jenny Buffaloe says:

    I have misplaced the cord to my Little Giant incubator. Can I purchase a replacement?

  9. Sarah D says:

    bought this incubator recently and the temp states that it is 32 F in the incubator. It’s actually closer to 70 F here. Any idea what’s going on? Very confused.

    • millermfg says:

      Hi there – we’re sorry to hear that your thermometer isn’t working properly! Please contact our Customer Service department at and they’ll be happy to help troubleshoot and get to the bottom of your issue! Thank you!

  10. alice barton says:

    my new incubator is not going up to 99.5 and staying at all,should I return it to tsc?

    • millermfg says:

      Hi Alice – thanks for your question. We’re sorry you’re having trouble with your new incubator! Before returning it, we can try to help you troubleshoot. Could you please contact us at with a description of the issue? Thanks for using Little Giant!

  11. alice barton says:

    I do not know. I have tried over a week and , figure need toss eggs out and, just take it back. tried to set it , up, eggs stay cold.. and cool. around 89 to 96..

  12. Paige says:

    How do you clean the incubator after you’re done using it? Some of the chicks pooped in it and some of the chambers are stained.

    • millermfg says:

      Hi Paige – the plastic screen inside your incubator is removable and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Thank you for using Little Giant!

  13. Brenda Mejia says:

    The main question I have is why does the 11300 model have 2 red plugs? In the instructions it always seems to indicate that only one or no plugs are in use? It has caused some confusion. Do we ever use the red plug by the still air? If so can you give me instructions on when it would be used. We are trying to hatch chicks.Thank you for any assistance privided.

    • millermfg says:

      Hi Brenda – that’s a great question. Our Customer Service team would love to help you out! Please contact them at and they’ll be able to answer any questions you have regarding your incubator. Thank you!

  14. Kenyatta says:

    Great incubator for a few times. Then digital read out starts messing up. Make sure to always have multiple thermometers cause you can’t count on the 1 it comes with to read accurately and thermostat goes out right after

    • millermfg says:

      Hi there- we’re sorry to hear that you had trouble with the thermostat that came with your Little Giant Digital Incubator. Our Customer Service team would be happy to look into this issue with you. They can be reached at

    • Mary Chpaman says:

      Mine will be set at 99.5 and then for no reason spike to 104. Even when it shows the little chicks that the heater shut off. It still keeps going up like it can’t shut itself off.
      Every time I open the lid to turn eggs the thermostat moves. And it takes forever to readjust.
      Mine worked great when I first got it. Now when I add water the temp also spikes.
      What am I doing wrong?
      I seen where someone I know zip tied a bolt to their thermometer to keep it in place.
      It’s very frustrating. I think next time I will stick to the wafer type heater instead of the digital.
      It hatches goslings and ducks really good as long as I don’t cause the thermostat to move.

      • millermfg says:

        We’re sorry to hear that you’re having trouble but would be more than happy to help and answer any questions you may have. Could you please contact us at and someone will be glad to look into this thermostat issue. Thanks!

  15. Tommy says:

    My 9300 incubator will not heat up at all even the room is at room temperature 70 to 80 and it still stay at 73.5 for a whole week. After a month later without use I try it again and it heat up for 2 minutes then heat shut off and now it still at 72.6 and will not goes higher than 72 to 75 degree.

    • millermfg says:

      Hi there – we’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your Little Giant 9300 incubator’s heat. We would be happy to look into the problem for you and work to get this corrected. Please email us at with a description of your issue and someone will be in touch. Thank you!

  16. Peter says:

    My 9300 incubator will not heat up (heat display on but no heat) what is the problem. And over a month later try it again and I felt heat from the unit and the temperature was good at 90 degree but 5 minutes later temperature drop to 70 degree and stay like it ever since.

    • millermfg says:

      Hi there – we’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your Little Giant 9300 incubator. We would be happy to look into the problem for you and work to get this corrected. Could you please email us at with a description of your issue and someone will be in touch. Thank you!

  17. Michelle says:

    Hi I ordered and recently received the 11300. Had it up and running within the day of getting it in the mail.
    Everything looked great, until I added the eggs. It says it’s at the desired temperature that I set it to, and that humidity is at 60, but my secondary thermometer (mercury) is reading 10 degrees below the digital, and there looks to be way more humidity than should be at 60.
    Do you have any suggestions?

  18. Michael Young says:

    I bought your deluxe digital incubator with the egg turner .”Foolproof”
    Absolute waste of time and resources .very disappointing and sad.
    4 full batches of eggs
    With only 2 mutated chicks , all the while I kept 3 banties hatching the same eggs a dozen at a time (buckeye
    chickens) without fail
    It’s the machine .

  19. Rebecca says:

    I bought a little giant incubator and it don’t work it won’t keep a steady tempature at all so disappointing

  20. Elise Argo says:

    Hi. Incubator digital temp flashing with no heat. Tried everything to reset. 18 eggs ruined. Any way to fix?

  21. Melissa says:

    I just turned on my 9300 incubator and the temperature says 199.9F. Obviously this is wrong, but it will not change. The set temperature is 99.5. I’ve unplugged it several times, even let it sit an hour and it still displays 199.9. It also has the Temp ok indicator on.

  22. Leona says:

    Am i able to change the temp to something other than 99.5? Im not hatching chicks, im hatching snakes and that temp will kill my eggs. And I just bought the incubator today and when i opened the box i noticed the heating unit was completely snapped off, so i have to return this one anyways.

    • millermfg says:

      Thanks for your question! It sounds like you were able to get in touch with our Customer Service team. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us again at Thanks!

  23. JIM says:

    My wife just bought me a 10300 and there was no power cord. Is there a way I can order one?

  24. Avery kjemhus says:

    We bough one back in may and after a first hatch are auto turner quit working.

  25. Rebekah Gushwa says:

    After constant problems with hot spots on my Little Giant still air incubator, I upgraded to the 4250 last year. I’ve used it 4 times and each time, I get temperature spikes. Today, with 25 french copper marans about to hatch (someone wanted to buy them), it shot up from 100 to 118 degrees in the 30 minutes between checking for pips with a flash light through the top windows (I didn’t open the box) and going out to feed the animals. I came back in to a flashing red light and liquid oozing out of cracked eggs! I am part of local homesteading groups and I now work for a farm supply place that sells your products. I can’t in good conscience recommend your products to my customers when I have had so many problems with them. I would be better off with a foil lined cooler and a light bulb at this point! I can’t tell you have angry I am right now.

  26. Lesbia Velasquez says:

    On the glass is saying 99.3 humidity 59 by the eggs is saying 104 humidity 59, i did hacj 10 the first time, second time 12 about 8 die so, but my humidity pup up to 74 i tink the kill my chicks i was very disappointed thr second time

  27. Sarah says:

    Hi, the bottom tray of our incubator got broken. Is there a way to order a new one?

  28. Roscoe Phillip Comardelle says:

    I have 2 of the 9300’s and both of them show wrong temp and humidity. I have put 2 extra thermometer with humidity on them and one I had to turn up to 108 .6 to get 99 out of it and the other one I have at 97 and it was actually 103 to 104 temp . Needless to say I have lost over 400 quail eggs using these . Is there anyway of getting new components for it

    • millermfg says:

      Hi there – we would be happy to help you get new components and look into this issue. Would you mind contacting us at Our Customer Service team would be happy to help! Thank you!

  29. Farmer Connie says:

    I love your product LG9300. Works excellent. Most people are not seasoned hatching enthusiasts when they are having problems with the simplistic device.
    With any brand incubator, you must always get a second opinion reading with an auxiliary thermometer and hydrometer. Respect the rules of incubation as far as room temperatures, drafts humidity levels Etc. Before you use this incubator, you must understand and respect the basic principles of incubation. I recommend the Little Giant 9300 to all Hobby incubation enthusiast for its ease and user-friendly digital adjustments.

    We run still air, hand turn and Achieve 92% hatch rates with the little giant 9300.

  30. Amanda Perin says:

    I bought the 11300 with the intent to hatch duck eggs, but the manual lists instructions for everything BUT duck eggs. Is this not a good model for ducks? What should I be using instead?

    • millermfg says:

      Hi Amanda – our 11300 incubator can be used for duck eggs. For more information on incubating duck eggs, we recommend searching either the University of Mississippi or University of Missouri websites for more detailed instructions. Thanks!

  31. Samantha says:

    Hello is their a way to change the 11300 model from Fahrenheit to Celsius as I live in Canada ?

    • millermfg says:

      Hi Samantha, thank you for your question. Our 11300 Incubator does not have a Celsius reading; however our 12300 CSA-listed Incubator has both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings. Thank you for using Little Giant!

  32. Mary Gonzalez says:

    Incubator in plugged in and fan is on but Display numbers are not working and I just bought incubator today. I plugged and unplugged but still not working.

    • millermfg says:

      Hi Mary – please make sure both ends of the power cord are plugged in and make sure there is power to the outlet. You should also check if the connection of the digital controller is plugged in all the way. This can be done by gently pushing the wire connector straight into the mating connector. Each connector should lock “Click” into the temperature controller securely. If this does not solve the issue, we recommend returning the product to the place of purchase for a replacement. If you need further help with troubleshooting, please contact us at Thank you!

  33. Michelle says:

    Have a new incubator. When heat is on the there is a smell which I guess is from the foam case. As I want to use this for small animals, is this smell dangerous?

    • millermfg says:

      Hi Michelle, it is not uncommon for there to be a slight odor inside the incubator while it is running the first couple times. The smell will not hurt or harm any small animals or eggs, but we recommend verifying temperature with an additional thermometer that it is being used correctly and is not overheating.

  34. Gregg Jennings says:

    Hi- I had great success for the first 2 hatchlings and now I have 80 quail eggs and nothing in 2 weeks. I put two thermometers in and they read 88 degrees. I have tried raising the temperature another 11 degrees but it will not get that high.

    • millermfg says:

      Hi Gregg – for your incubator to be off by that much, it leads us to believe that your sensor or digital controller isn’t working properly. Please contact us at and we can help troubleshoot or get replacement parts sent out. Thank you for using Little Giant!

  35. Lori Youngberg says:

    Purchased Little Giant Deluxe incubator in 2021 from North 40. Successfully, used once. In 2022 tried to turn on after initial use (lightly cleaned/stored in original box) but it never powered up. confirmed outlet power but incubator does not power up. Everything is in great shape. How can I get a Replacement Little Giant 11300 Controller?

    • Miller Manufacturing says:

      Hi Lori! Please reach out to our customer service team via phone at 800-260-0888 (Monday – Friday 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST) or send an email to and they will be happy to assist you!

  36. Sabrina Grayson says:

    Used my 9300 model 1 time and went to set it back up for a 2nd run, and now it’s not heating at all.

    • Miller Manufacturing says:

      Please reach out to our customer service team via phone at 800-260-0888 (Monday – Friday 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST) and they will be happy to assist you!

  37. Alex says:

    I’ve been very disappointed in this product.

    I have done four batches of quail in two separate little giant incubators with the fan installed and used the auto egg turners. Each batch saw a hatch rate of only 25%. Each time the screen started bugging out and only started working again when I unplugged the fan. I really want to get this set up to work, especially since I paid a good chunk of change on it. I don’t know if it is worth trying a third batch.

    • millermfg says:

      Please reach out to our customer service team via phone at 800-260-0888 (Monday – Friday 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST) and they will be happy to assist you!

  38. Casey Tanner says:

    We have used our little giant incubator 3 times and was working on our 4th round of eggs and the incubator quit completely over night we were 8 days from hatching and every chick has died.

    • millermfg says:

      Hi Casey, we are so sorry to hear about your chicks and dissatisfaction with our product. Please reach out to our customer service team at 800-260-0888 (Monday – Friday 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST) and they will be happy to assist you.

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