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Raising Chickens for Eggs

chicken in a coop with a food dish in front of it

Raising chickens for egg production entails hard work, but is a rewarding hobby that also provides you with a source of fresh eggs. The month of May is National Egg Month recognizing those hard workers that are raising backyard chickens.

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Why Keeping Backyard Chickens Is Important

You may have noticed a rise in the number of people you know adopting the hobby of backyard chickens. Whether it be the desire for nutritious eggs, sustainable living, or to have a hobby to relinquish boredom, adding chickens to

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New Video: The API® 3 Gallon Heated Poultry Fount

With temperatures dropping, the API® 3 Gallon Heated Poultry Fount will provide your poultry with fresh water all winter long! Keeping water ice-free down to -5°F, this waterer will be a great addition for your flock for the upcoming winter.

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Raising Chicks: 5 Life Lessons Kids Will Learn

Hatching eggs and raising a flock with your family can teach many life lessons through firsthand egg-sperience. Children can learn everything from responsibility to the circle of life all from the comfort of your farm or backyard. Here are 5

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Introducing the Little Giant® Line of Digital Incubators

UPDATE: Tips for Getting Started with Your Incubator The next generation of incubator technology is here! We are proud and excited to offer you the performance and electronics of high-end, expensive incubators at hobbyist price points. The Little Giant® 9300, 10300,

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