Beehive Screened Bottom Board


The Screened Bottom Board is the most important tool when it comes to pest management in beekeeping. Along with a mite grid (included) allows you to passively control and monitor mite levels and accurately measure the number of mites present in the hive. Using this Little Giant Screened Bottom Board can help you reduce mites, improve ventilation in your hive, and may increase brood production. This Screened Bottom Board is made of durable pine. Works with all Little Giant 10-frame Hives.

  • Screened bottom board with mite grid for easy mite counts
  • Great for extra ventilation for your hive
  • Solid wood construction with screened bottom
  • Comes with plastic corrugated mite board
  • Works with all Little Giant 10-frame Hives

Beehive Screened Bottom Board

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